By 2020, we intend to reach 10 million poor in India, district by district, block by block with innovative healthcare solutions tailored to their needs. SCALE programmes are what will help us reach this goal. SCALE stands for State Consortium for Accelerating, Leveraging and Economising innovations. In every state that we work in, we will strategically inter-link innovators, impact accelerators, funders, social entrepreneurs, government and the poor communities to create an ecosystem, capable of delivering sustainable innovation-led healthcare services at the community level.

SCALE Capacity

We curate innovations and enterprises from across the country and help them become agents of change. We ensure that this group has access to:

  • Funding (grants, debt, equity)
  • Management and technical assistance
  • Potential funders and donors
  • Mentors and advisors
  • Shared services platform
  • Large-scale government programs
  • Assistance in adapting innovations to the local context

SCALE Demonstration

Through on ground examples, we build the case for scaled up innovative approaches to address healthcare issues. We also help the governments strengthen their facilities and programmes using evidence-based, low-cost healthcare delivery strategies. This intervention works to:

  • Improve delivery of maternal and child services - using a 1000-days-of-care approach; supporting front-line health workers and utilizing best practices for nutrition, diarrhea management, clean drinking water and early diagnostics. 
  • Strengthen the primary healthcare system by adopting PPPs to manage low-performing PHCs and address delivery gaps; task-shifting and introducing value-added services to convert ailing PHCs into smart clinics.
  • Use ICT effectively to improve connectivity among people and facilities, improve tracking, analysis and reporting of relevant health information and for improved follow-up and monitoring of health workers and medical staff.
  • Build a state-wide healthcare innovation ecosystem - mapping and identifying the most promising innovators, helping them scale up and connecting to state health programs.
  • The WISH-SIHFW partnership in Rajasthan aims at improving the state's RMNCH+A indicators, over five years, by harnessing the power of high impact and scale-able healthcare innovations.

SCALE Ecosystem

We bring together healthcare innovations, government officials, private sector executives, funders, NGOs and technical experts so that they can connect, collaborate and create a vibrant ecosystem.
Some of the activities we undertake here are:

  • Provide multiple platforms for interaction through national and regional, conferences, workshops, online portals, etc.
  • Sponsor health awards to showcase the work of leading healthcare innovators.
  • Issue Grand Challenges to stimulate creative thinking on critical healthcare gaps.
  • Develop a network of academic and research institutions that can collaborate on developing innovative health solutions.
  • WISH is partnering with FICCI, USAID, TDB, UKAID and ICICI to support the ecosystem

SCALE Knowledge

We facilitate knowledge sharing to ensure cross-pollination of ideas in the healthcare ecosystem and help stakeholders to achieve synergy in their efforts. Some activities undertaken here are:

  • Creation of database of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, government programs, service providers, donors and investors, and corporate/commercial partners.
  • A database of high-impact healthcare interventions and an assessment of their impact, sustainability and seal-ability.
  • Sector-specific research reports that inform constituents within this ecosystem.
  • Policy recommendations of government officials and legislators.
  • WISH and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) are together facilitating a comprehensive mapping of Inclusive Business Models in Healthcare in India, to identify high impact enterprises and disseminate this knowledge for public good.