WISH Knowledge and Networking System will help all those engaged with the healthcare innovation space, find allies and leverage resources, especially knowledge.
This programme will work to:

Create a network of partners to build the healthcare innovation ecosystem in the WISH states
WISH will form consortiums comprising strategic partners in the areas of programme, funding advocacy, and community. These consortiums will form the innovation ecosystem that will work in multiple ways to deliver scaled up healthcare initiatives.

Create and enable a virtual hub for knowledge sharing and networking
Apart from directly facilitating crucial partnerships WISH will manage an IT-enabled, virtual platform. This platform will strengthen the healthcare innovation space in general and add impetus to the efforts of various players by giving them access to knowledge, insights and most importantly resources.
Note: The WISH Knowledge & Networking System will bring in knowledge partners for both rural areas and the urban slums. It will maintain strong relationships with the Indian Diaspora, create a "needs-map" so partners can be identified and linked more strategically. It will also create a framework to engage with a large number of smaller partners and encourage cross-sharing of information between communities.