Given the complex nature of public health challenges and the multitude of stakeholders involved in health service delivery, WISH envisions to create a Partnership platform to enhance the impact and effectiveness of action through combined and more efficient use of resources. The Partnerships function will bring together innovators, impact accelerators, funders, social entrepreneurs, industry, government and communities to create an innovation ecosystem capable of delivering affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare.

Some Important Partnerships

WISH and International Finance Corporation (IFC) are currently engaged in jointly developing and disseminating a knowledge database for inclusive business models in health sector in India. The purpose of this exercise is to map the ecosystem of healthcare innovation, identify high potential IBMs and study the factors that affect scale up.

WISH partners with Sankalp/lntellecap to support enterprise-development activities especially those in the areas of health, water and sanitation. It also awards the annual winner of the Sankalp Unconventional Summit with technical assistance worth USD 60,000. The partnership helps WISH connect with social enterprises as well as impact investment related knowledge and domain expertise.

WISH is partnering with FICCI, USAID, the Technology Development Board (TDB), UKAID and ICICI, to support the Millennium Alliance, an Innovation Partnership for Global Development aimed at leveraging Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to source and scale innovations being developed and tested in India that will benefit vulnerable populations across India and the world.