We invite healthcare ecosystem to join hands in revitalizing the delivery of primary healthcare for the last mile:-

  • Health innovators with creative minds and projects of proven value to impact healthcare delivery for the last mile and with a potential to scale
  • Mentors and advisors who use their skill repertoire to customize and advance health technology, advisory and services support
  • Funders and donors and CSRs to pool financial and technical resources to identify and evaluate game changing models that can purposively alter the future of the health landscape
  • Government representatives who seize fresh opportunities and new ways of working to ensure accessible, available and affordable healthcare
  • Private sector entities who wish to draw in the reciprocal advantages of other sectors and direct efforts to healthcare through CSR initiatives
  • We hope to grow more such enterprises with time.

Join Us if you have ideas and innovations that will improve the quality of health care; lower service delivery costs; expand access to care; extend equitable services; have demonstrated value; and can respond to scale for broader impact.