WISH Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, envisioned by IGATE Chairman and Co-Founder Sunil Wadhwani that is working towards scaling up innovations to build an equitable healthcare system, making quality healthcare accessible to the underserved population in the high priority States of India. WISH believes in transforming the healthcare system of India by giving wings to big ideas. This is pursued through 4 clearly laid-out activities:

  • Mining of promising innovations - WISH is building a repository of promising healthcare innovations across the country through development of an open-source database of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, a database of high-impact healthcare innovations in both government and private systems.

    Landscaping of innovations in the private sector which fall in the category of Inclusive Business Models was conducted in partnership with the World Bank and IFC. A total of 165 innovations were mapped and listed. WISH has now initiated the mapping and listing of innovations in the public healthcare sector.

  • Accelerating promising innovations to be scale-ready - WISH curates innovations and enterprises through nurturing and incubating promising innovations with funding, management capacity and technical assistance, shared services platform and mentoring.

    WISH has partnerships with various organisations and forums like the Millennium Alliance (FICCI), Sankalp Forum, and Indian School of Business, Max Institute of Healthcare / D Labs. All these help in supporting the promising healthcare innovations.

  • On-ground Demonstration of Scalable innovations - WISH does on-the-ground demonstration of impact of the scalable innovations within the government as well as the private system using a variety of partnership strategies.

    WISH has partnered with Government of Rajasthan to demonstrate the impact of low cost innovations and Public Private Partnerships to improve primary healthcare delivery.

  • Replicating and Scaling up of successful innovations - WISH replicates and scales up successful innovations by showcasing through knowledge hub and strategically organised ecosystem platforms, engaging multiple stakeholders like the government, private sector, founders, donors, Civil Society Organisations, technical experts and the like.

    WISH has partnered with Govt. of Rajasthan to implement its project - SCALE Rajasthan. Under this initiative 30 Primary Health Centers and its attached subcenters in 12 districts of Rajasthan are managed by WISH through its civil society and private sector partners. The PHCs are being managed according to the government norms and will provide free of cost and quality healthcare services to the underserved people.

We do it all with under 30 people on our team. Small autonomous teams allow us to work quickly and effectively. Each team focuses on different goals and takes the ownership of their own projects.