Our operational strategies and approaches are those that are integrated. Point solutions seldom work unless they are part of a larger whole. Fitting the pieces together is both integral to our work and success. We breathe life into innovators’ projects -- whether incremental or disruptive -- that have potential to extend healthcare to the underserved by ensuring they are scale ready. We attempt incubation, technical assistance and mentoring to innovators and enterprises, and create ecosystems and knowledge hubs.

Our focus is also on on-ground demonstration of scalable innovations within the government system, combining a variety of partnership strategies. Our strategic approaches include:-

Mining of promising Innovations: to build a repository of high impact healthcare innovations and scale up frameworks through ongoing mapping and partnerships. We have developed an open source database of 165 Inclusive Business Models of Healthcare in India and Bangladesh in partnership developed with World Bank International Finance Corporation in 2014 and a database of 281 public sector innovations in India developed through a high level Advisory Group.

Acceleration of promising innovations to be scale ready: to curate innovations and enterprises through funding, mentoring and shared value platforms. We partner with Millennium Alliance, Intellecap, Vilgrow, Dlabs, Indian School of Business to provide the management support to innovators and models.

On ground demonstration of scalable innovations: at test beds developed within public health service delivery system. We have signed a 5 year MoU with Government Rajasthan to strengthen primary healthcare delivery system.

Replication and scaling up of successful innovations: by building a healthcare ecosystem and knowledge hub for stakeholders to connect for impact acceleration.