This system will work to redefine the healthcare delivery paradigm. It will offer pilots and trials of innovative approaches, using a combination of Government, Public-Private, Private and direct WISH-managed delivery channels. This vertical will concentrate on the following:

Designing and managing innovative approaches that are evidence-based.

WISH will do a pre-assessment of the needs and the expectations of the BoPdirectly at the village or the slum level. It will also collect secondary data. Based on the priority identified by the key stakeholders, WISH will help, design and manage, pilots and trials of innovative approaches. It will use proven enablers such as IT technology, health insurance, micro financing and process modifications to design these approaches. Care will be taken to leverage existing resources and prevent duplication of effort.

Creating a - mix of basic and value added care depending on community needs.

RMNCH+A is a priority health area for WISH in terms of its healthcare service offer. In addition, it will meet the rising incidences of disease in both rural and urban BoP populations. This will mean including "Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases" as well as "Primary healthcare" in its healthcare service basket.

Designing an integrated door-step approach to service delivery

WISH will facilitate low cost diagnostics at the doorstep by training local health workers and informal providers to deliver them. This will bring down the need for curative services to a great extent. WISH will also leverage the Public Healthcare Centres to offer a comprehensive package comprising basic care as well as value added services. To compensate for the lack of skilled medical personnel WISH will connect the PHCs to Community Healthcare Centres and other secondary and tertiary care facilities through telemedicine, m-health, mobile vans and clinics and planned outreach.

Building community ownership around the healthcare delivery

WISH will engage continuously at the community level to be close to the end beneficiaries and channelize the growing energy of all stakeholders, including the community youth for social change. It will foster deeper understanding and direct, cross-linked relationships among various stakeholders to build a culture of community ownership and responsibility for healthcare delivery.
Note: Currently WISH is also investing in building awareness for healthier life styles and traditional medicines. This is because prevention is less expensive than cure and reviving traditional medicines can help address the less urgent needs of the people. WISH will also do a pilot to manage a CHC so as to leam what it takes to scale when the demand arises.