Transforming Primary Healthcare Delivery Systems through Innovations

Join WISH in its SCALE up mission

Envisioned and led by WISH Foundation, is a strategic scale up mechanism for promising healthcare innovations that intends to impact the access and availability of quality and affordable primary healthcare at the last mile. This will contribute significantly to improve critical outcomes for maternal and child health and emerging health needs. Read more

SCALE Rajasthan - Progressive partnership with the state government
Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan and WISH Foundation signed a partnership for SCALE Rajasthan in February 2015 to transform the primary healthcare delivery through innovations over next five years. Read more

WISH Foundation: Catalyst of Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Mines and identify need based, high potential innovations and inclusive business models in public and private markets and using scale up frameworks.
  • Curate innovations and social enterprises through funding, mentoring and shared value platforms to accelerate promising innovations to be scale ready.
  • Develop test beds in partnership with state governments for on-ground demonstration of scalable innovations within public health service delivery system.
  • Strengthen and connect the healthcare ecosystem for impact acceleration and replication.

Primary Healthcare for the last mile
We invite healthcare ecosystem to join hands in revitalizing the delivery of primary healthcare for the last mile. Read more